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Rosat Trepat Cava Agusti Torello Mata

Rosat Trepat Cava Agusti Torello Mata


Type: Brut Reserva.

Varietal: Trepat 100%.

Making: Second fermentation in the bottle. Minimum aging 18 months.

Appearance: Clean and bright. Attractive cherry pink colour of medium intensity with bright violet reflections. Fine and persistent bubble with an average evolution forming abundant rosaries and a dense crown.

Aroma: Frank and fresh to the nose. Wild fruits dominate, particularly strawberries over a minty background.

Palate: Pleasant attack. Well combined carbonic quality, rich and dense. Its evolution reflects the nature of its varietal: fresh and complex at the same time, meaty but light and with wild berries standing out, especially strawberries.

Final impression: Fresh and pleasant. Well balanced, with a good structure and well combined carbonic quality. Pleasant aftertaste of medium intensity, where the nose and palate aromas are repeated and harmonised.

Combinations: Ideal as appetizer. It combines perfectly with seafood, fish in sauce, rice, vermicelli, cold meats and poultry and mild creamy and fruity desserts.

Recommendation: Serve in a flute glass at 6º C.

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