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JOSELITO Sliced Lomo "Loin" Iberico 70 gram pack

JOSELITO Sliced Lomo "Loin" Iberico 70 gram pack


70g of vaccum packed sliced Joselito Lomo. Naturally matured for more than 6 months.

With a touch of smoke and paprika, Joselito lomo has a soft texture. It is a red-purple meat with light degree of marbling, which develops an immense and unctuous flavour when tasting, with that characteristic touch of paprika which gives the piece so much personality.

  • Ingredients

    Pork, sea salt, garlic and sugar

  • Preservation

    Sliced Joselito Pork Loin should be stored at 4-10°C

  • Preparation and Consumption

    Remove the Joselito sliced loin from cold storage at least 60 minutes before consumption. It is recommended to consume at room temperature.

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