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JOSELITO Sliced Salchichon Iberico 70 gram pack

JOSELITO Sliced Salchichon Iberico 70 gram pack


70g of vaccum packed Joselito Salchichon.


Joselito salchichon has an intense aroma and great balance between fat, lean meat and the perfect amount of pepper and garlic. Its flavour is fresh and delicate and has a tender and juicy texture derived from mincing the meat twice. Cured in natural drying chambers and cellars

Natural curing of more than 6 months.

  • Ingredients

    Lean pork, sea salt, pepper and garlic

  • Preservation

    Joselito sliced salchichon should be stored at a temperature of 4-10ºC

  • Preparation and Consumption

    Sliced salchichon should be removed from cold chamber 60min before consumption and consumed at room temperature

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